Terms & Conditions

Within these Terms and Conditions the following definitions shall apply:

‘Kayem’          – Shall mean Kayem Scaffolding Ltd.

‘Client’                   – Shall mean the person, partnership, company
or organisation named within the Ideal Quotation.

‘Site’                       – Shall mean the site or property
identified within Ideal Quotation.

‘The Project’         – Shall mean the work to be carried out by Ideal
at the Site within the Ideal Quotation.


Once scaffolding and other equipment supplied by Kayem arrives and is
erected at the Site, the cost arising from any damage caused to the
equipment by any other party not associated with Kayem shall be
chargeable to the Client. (This does not apply to reasonable wear and

The Client shall be liable for any scaffolding or other equipment
supplied by Kayem and on hire, which is stolen or unlawfully removed
from the Site.

All scaffolding and other equipment supplied by Kayem in relation to the
Project is on a hire basis and shall therefore at all times remain the
property of Kayem scaffoding ltd.

Once the scaffolding and/or other equipment has been erected for the
Client any adaptations required that are not described in the original
Ideal Quotation will be subject to further costs. Therefore a quotation
will be provided for any adaptation required.

Kayem will ensure that all structures are sound and constructed for the
purpose required by the Client and comply with all applicable Statutory
Regulations. The Client is responsible to ensure any modifications or
adaptions are only made by Kayem.  Kayem shall not be liable for any
damage or injury caused resulting from modifications or adaptions made
by any other parties other than Kayem.

The Kayem Quotation/estimate will state the hire period included in the
costs and any extra hire will be charged on a weekly basis with an
amount agreed by both the Client and Kayem.

It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure all personnel working
on the equipment supplied by Kayem are adequately trained and skilled to
do so. Kayem shall not be responsible for any injuries/damage sustained
or caused by any personnel other than Kayem personnel.

Kayem will ensure that all structures are sound and constructed for the
purpose required by the Client and comply with all applicable Statutory
Regulations. However Kayem shall not be responsible for any damage
caused or injury sustained as a result of unreasonable stresses and
loading of scaffolding not specified in the Hand Over Certificate signed
by Kayem.

Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice unless otherwise agreed
with Kayem.

Kayem can in its absolute discretion charge interest at the rate of 8%
per month on the balance of any monies that are not paid within 30 days
from the date of invoice.

The client grants irrevocable licence to Kayem to enter onto the site at
any time in order that Kayem may collect scaffolding and other equipment
supplied for the project.

Kayem Scaffolding Limited cannot undertake statutory inspections of
scaffolds or the signing of the registers unless engaged to do so
separately as the regulations provide that these are the responsibility of the
employers of labour using the scaffold.

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